Career Planning and the Job Search

This Guide provides information on PRINT sources (Books, Encyclopedias, etc.).

Career Exploration

Career Guide: Dun’s Employment Opportunities Directory. (Annual) (Location – REF HF 5382.5 U5 D86) The volume is arranged so you may search by industry, employer name, employer by geography, discipline, and even by the employers offering work study or internships. Each company is briefly described with address, disciplines hired, short history, location, benefits, and training programs.

Career Information Center. (2007) (Location – REF HF 5382.5 U5 C32 2007)Thirteen-volume set which is organized by occupational area. Each job category (694 are covered) includes background information about the work, education and training requirements, getting the job, advancement, working conditions, earnings and benefits, and sources for more information. Volume 13 includes employment trends and a master index.

The College Board Book of Majors. (Annual) (Location – REF L 901 C744) This guide includes information to help you choose a major, based on the expert advice of 180 college professors. The guide also includes information on finding a college that offers the major, listing more than 900 majors at 3,600 colleges, organized by state.

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance. (Biennial) (Location - REF HF 5381 E52) Four volume set. Volume 1 includes industry profiles, as well as an appendix on career resources and associations for individuals with disabilities, and an appendix of internships, apprenticeships, and training programs. Volumes 2-4 contain articles on different careers, including a snapshot profile that lists information on the career, including necessary personal skills, work environment, salary range, and employment outlook.

New Guide for Occupational Exploration. (2006) By J.M. Farr. (Location - REF HF 5382.5 U5 G83) A friendly approach to the process of making career choices. The book is divided into chapters according to different areas of vocational interest. Each chapter contains a questionnaire for job seekers about their professional priorities and potential abilities.

Occupational Outlook Handbook. (Annual) (Location – ReadyREF HF 5381 A1 O36) This handbook is published by the US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The book includes an extensive description of each profession, as well as employment and salary outlook for the future. The reference is also available online at:

What Color is Your Parachute? (Annual) By R. N. Bolles (Location - REF HF 5382.7 B64) This practical guide is designed to help your find a job. It covers ways to identify the jobs that would be best for you as well as information on how to succeed with interviews, resumes, and cover letters. This volume also includes a workbook.

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Internships and Summer Jobs

Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Internships and Summer Jobs. (2006) (Location-Ref LC 1072 I58) "Comprehensive resource for students looking to gain valuable career experience through summer and part-time employment. Divided into 16 fields, this two-volume directory lists more than 550 internship and summer job opportunities. Each internship profile starts with contact information and a snapshot of the job, including salary ranges, application deadlines, educational experience, and requirements. A detailed overview with more information about the job follows." An essay section includes resume writing, interviewing skills, and more. Detailed indexes organize the content by application deadline, salary range, state, educational level, country (for non-U.S. jobs), and organization name.

Vault Guide to Top Internships. (2008) (Location – REF LC 1072 I58 V38x) Arranged alphabetically by the name of the organization or company, this guide indicates how many interns are hired, whether they are paid, the length of the internship, basic information on the employer and the scope of the internship, and how to apply. There are indexes that organize the internships by education level, state, compensation, industry, and whether international applications are accepted.

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Finding Jobs in Specific Careers

We own many guides for a wide variety of fields. This list provides just a small sampling.

Career Opportunities in Conservation and the Environment. (2008) By P. R. Greenland and A. L. Sheldon (Location – REF HF 5381 G74 2008)

Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry. (2004) By S. Field (Location – REF HF 5381 F475x 2004)

Career Opportunities in Science. (2008) By S. Echaore-McDavid (Location – REF HF 5381 E36x 2008)

Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You. (2007) Edited by R. J. Sternberg (Location – REF HF 5381 C365x 2007)Includes chapters on 19 different graduate-level careers in psychology, including an explanation of the career, preparation for it, typical activities, financial compensation, the personal and professional attributes desirable for success in the career, and opportunities for employment and advancement.

Great Jobs for Biology Majors. (2004) By B. Camenson (Location – REF HF 5381 C35 2004)

Great Jobs for Business Majors. (2003) By S. Lambert (Location – REF HF 5382.7 L347)

Great Jobs for Political Science Majors. (2004) By M. Rowh (Location – REF HF 5381 R68x 2004)

Opportunities in Marketing Careers. (2006) By M. Steinberg (Location – REF HF 5415.35 S73 2006)

Opportunities in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Careers. (2003) By J. Stinchcomb (Location – REF HF 5381 S86x 2003)

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Finding Jobs/Careers by Perswonality and Interests

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality. (2005) By M. Farr and L. Shatkin (Location – REF HF 5381.15 F3618 2005)Uses six personality types (realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional) to organize lists of best jobs, with job descriptions.

Careers for Cybersurfers & Other Online Types. (2004) By M. Eberts and R. Kelsey (Location – REF HF 5381 E34x 2004)

McGraw-Hill’s Careers for Extroverts & Other Gregarious Types. (2006) By J. Goldberg (Location – REF HF 5381 G5682 2006)

McGraw-Hill’s Careers for Good Samaritans & Other Humanitarian Types. (2006) By J. Goldberg (Location – REF HF 5381 E35x 2006)

McGraw-Hill’s Careers for Introverts & Other Solitary Type. (2006) By B. Camenson (Location – REF HF 5382.5 C2518 2006)

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Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interviews

Cover Letter Magic: Trade secrets of professional resume writers (2004) By W. Enelow and L. Kursmark (Location – REF HF 5383 E4787 2004) This guide includes helpful before and after transformations, dozens of sample opening paragraphs, and step by step instructions to creating the perfect cover letter.

Encyclopedia of Job-Winning Resumes (2006) By M. Fournier and J. Spin. (Location - REF HF 5383 F77 2006) Four hundred résumés for many different jobs and situations are contained in this volume. The index allows you to look up a job and go to the suggested résumé. Cover letters and difficult situations are also covered. This resource is concerned more with content than format.

Gallery of Best Résumés. (2004) By D. Nobel (Location – REF HF 5383 N 62 2004) This resource includes a collection of 200+ quality résumés by professional résumé writers. It also includes examples of résumés on special paper. This guide is helpful because the résumés are organized by career and industry, so you’re sure to create a résumé appropriate for you field.

Resumes for Science Careers. (2007) (Location – Science Library REF R45 2007) Includes nearly 100 sample resumes and cover letters, along with worksheets to help organize and draft your resume.

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Job Search and Company Information

Cities Ranked and Rated. (2007) By B. Sperling and P. Sander ( Location - ReadyREF HN 60 S284 2007) This resource ranks more than 400 areas in the United States and Canada in categories such as: cost of living, education, climate, health care and recreation to help you decide the best places to live and visit.

Hoover’s Handbook of American Business. (Annual) (Location - HG 4057 A2862) This volume is useful for performing company research. It lists important people, products, location, sales, and key competitors. An overview of the company and its history including stock -price (if applicable), are included.

Hoover’s Handbook of Emerging Companies. (Annual) (Location - REF HG 4057 A28618) The resource lists of the top 100 emerging companies in terms of sales growth, income growth, employment growth, and stock appreciation. It also gives rankings generated by other sources.

The National Job Bank. (Annual) (Location - REF HF 5382.5 U5 N34) Organizations and companies (private and public) are listed by state in the first section of this book. Information on each company includes: the mailing address, contact person or department, e-mail and/or World Wide Web address, the location of the corporate headquarters, and more. The second section of this book offers resume and cover letter tips, and a third section offers an index of the included companies by industry.

Using the Library Catalog:

You may also wish to search the library catalog for other resources. To do so, access Minerva (the online catalog) from the Libraries' Web page at or go directly to Minerva. Select the option of "Subject heading begins with..." from the first menu. Then use the suggested subject headings below to perform a search for those types of resources.

Career Exploration

Use the following subjects:

  • Vocational guidance
  • Vocational guidance--Bibliography
  • Vocational guidance--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Career development
  • Occupations--United States--Directories
  • Occupations--United States--Periodicals


Use the following subjects:

  • Interns--United States
  • Interns--United States--Directories
  • Internship programs--United States
  • Internship programs--United States—Directories

Job Search

Use the following subjects:

  • Job Hunting
  • Applications for Positions
  • Also see subdivisions of job hunting: Example: Job hunting--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Finding Jobs in Specific Careers

Use the subject or discipline as the subject heading followed by -- vocational guidance.


  • Art--vocational guidance
  • Mathematics--vocational guidance

Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interviews

Use the following subjects:

  • Resumes (Employment)
  • Employment interviewing
  • Cover letters
  • Application for positions

Company Information

Use the following subjects:

  • Corporations--United States--Directories
  • Business Enterprises--United States--Directories

For Additional Information

On Campus Resources:

Consider visiting University at Albany Career Resources which is located in Science

  • Location: Library G50
  • Phone: 518-437-4900
  • Web site:
  • Services include:

    • Job vacancy file
    • On-campus recruitment (students only)
    • Resume critiques
    • Reference files
    • Internship information
    • Career library

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