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Electronic Sources

Dissertations & Theses Full Text: This database is the world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day and offering full text for graduate works added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997.

Print Sources

When to use: Use for any dissertation published prior to 1982.

To search for dissertations using print sources, start with the Comprehensive Dissertation Indexes using the subject or author indexes. This allows for a quick overview of the material as well as providing a citation to the appropriate volume of Dissertation Abstracts for an abstract.

Comprehensive Dissertation Index (CDI) 1861-1972 Located in storage in the Science Library. CDI is the index to Dissertation Abstracts (see below). Thirty-seven volumes are divided by subject area with the last four volumes serving as the author index to all disciplines. Each subject area has its own keyword index. Bibliographic citations include title, author, degree awarded, year, awarding institution, UMI order # and

Dissertation Abstracts International 1969-present (Z 5055 U5 A53) Located on the second floor of the University Library. Divided into three sections: A-The Humanities and Social Sciences, B-The Sciences and Engineering and C-Worldwide (shelved separately - 1977-1990 on shelf). These volumes succeed Dissertation Abstracts (see below). The volumes are arranged by discipline and each entry includes UMI order # (full-text copies can be ordered through UMI instructions are included in the volume)*, title, author’s name, degree awarded, institution awarding degree, year awarded, number of pages, and an abstract. Author and keyword indexes are included as well.

Dissertation Abstracts 1938-1968 (Z 5055 U5 A53) Located on the second floor of the University Library. Same arrangement and bibliographic information as Dissertation Abstracts International (Section C is called European Abstracts). These earlier editions include a keyword index but no author index.

American Doctoral Dissertations 1957-present(Z 5055 U5 A55xa) Located on the second floor of the University Library. Compiled for the Association of Research Libraries, this annual is arranged alphabetically by subject, by university within a subject area, and by author within a university. The volumes are based on the academic year and include author indexes. Because of its unique arrangement, one can determine the output of a given university within a given subject field. This provides an easy way to assess the work done at a given institution in a particular field. The citations include the title, author, degree awarded, awarding institution, year and UMI order #.

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Abstracts to Masters Theses:

Print Sources

Location: Last row of the Reference Section
When to use: Use for any thesis published prior to 1982

Cumulative Subject and Author Index to Volumes 1-15 of Masters Abstracts (Ref Z 5053 M48x) The index to Masters Abstracts 1962-1977. The citations include title, author, institution, year and Masters Abstracts location.

Masters Abstracts International 1986-present (Ref Z 5053 M48x) The successor of Masters Abstracts (see below). It is published bimonthly, arranged by discipline and includes an author index. Since it is published by UMI, the divisions of The Humanities and Social Sciences and The Sciences and Engineering still stand and the volumes include the same bibliographic and ordering information as Dissertation Abstracts (see above).

Masters Abstracts 1962-1985 (Ref Z 5053 M48x) A quarterly publication that preceded Masters Abstracts International (see above). Research Abstracts 1977-1990 (Ref Z 5053 M478x) Folded into Masters Abstracts International in 1991, Research Abstracts contains primarily pre- and post-doctoral research (some dissertations as well). The bibliographic information included mirrors Masters Abstracts International (see above).

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Dissertations and Theses from the University at Albany Only

The University Libraries maintain copies of all masters’ theses and doctoral dissertations written at the University. Hard copies of theses (1914 to present) and dissertations (1963 to present) are available in the University Archives, located in the Science Library. These copies do not circulate and cannot be photocopied but may be used in the University Archives Research Room. Copies of theses and dissertations are also available on microfilm in the Interactive Media Center of the University Library and in the Thomas E. Dewy Graduate Library for Public Affairs and Policy at the downtown campus. Patrons should note that some older dissertations in the University Archives collection are not listed in the library catalog.

Electronic Sources

Dissertations & Theses See above for a full description. To locate dissertations done at Albany, use the “Advanced Search.” Enter 0668 in the first search box and select “school” from the drop-down menu by clicking on the down triangle. This will retrieve all the records for University at Albany dissertations. You can combine other search terms with the previous query to narrow the number of records. The full text of University at Albany dissertations from 1997 on is available.

Minerva Catalog To search the online catalog for University at Albany dissertations or theses, select the "Dissertations and Theses (UA)" option in the drop down menu in the "Search only" box. The search parameter above the search type box will change. You may then do an author or title search, or a subject keyword search, as appropriate.

Print Sources

American Doctoral Dissertations 1957-present (Z 5055 U5 A55xa) Located on the second floor of the University Library. Arranged alphabetically by university within a given subject (see above).

Chadley, Otis. Dissertations (1979-1989): A Cumulative Bibliography of University at Albany Doctoral Dissertations (REF LD 3841 Z991 D63x 1991) The volume is subdivided by schools within the university and further by specific departments. An author and subject index is included.

Oetting, Edward C. Doctoral Dissertations State University of New York at Albany: A Bibliography 1963-1978 (REF LD 3841 Z991 047x) Arranged by department and alphabetically by author within each department. Citations include the author, title, date and location (call number). An author index is included as well.

Oetting, Edward C. Master’s Theses State University of New York at Albany: A Bibliography 1914-1978 (Ask at the reference desk.) Arranged by department and alphabetically by author within each department. Citations include the author, title and date (no call numbers given). An author index is included as well.

*Titles can be ordered directly from Proquests’ Dissertation/Thesis service. Another option is that the University Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan service is sometimes able to borrow theses and dissertations from degree granting institutions. This process generally takes several weeks. Additionally, some Canadian and European dissertations, and occasionally other foreign dissertations, can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. All questions should be directed to the Interlibrary Loan office in the University Library (UL 100). Phone 518-442-3613 for more information.

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