How to Locate Presidential Papers

Code of Federal Regulations Title 3. 1936-current year LAW KF 770 A3
Internet Access to the Code of Federal Regulations. (1997-current year) "Title 3- The President" is a compilation of presidential documents published in the Federal Register. The Library's collection begins with Franklin Roosevelt and continues through the current president. Title 3 contains an index arranged by government agency and a table of contents.

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders. 1945- 1989 LAW KF 70 A 473 1989. This one volume contains general proclamations and executive orders from 1945-1989. It is divided into chapters by subject and contains a comprehensive index. Executive Orders are also available in Title 3 of The Code of Federal Regulations.

Federal Register. 1981-present

  • GOV DOC J 85 AE 2.106: (current year)
  • GOV DOC Microfiche cabinet #7 (1981-current year)
  • DEWEY J 85 AE 2.106:

Internet Access to the Federal Register. (1994-current year) The section of the Federal Register entitled "Presidential Documents" contains executive orders, proclamations, letters, reorganization plans, and other presidential directives. The library keeps the current year in paper, and from 1981 on in microfiche. A copy is also available at Dewey Library.

Internet Access to Presidential Libraries (1929-) This Internet site provides links to the presidential libraries of all of the presidents from Hoover to Clinton. Each library contains papers, records, and other historical materials of the president.

Messages and Documents. 1865-1868 J 82 B 92
This work contains the messages to congress and reports to the heads of several departments prepared by the president. There is a subject index at the end of each volume.

Messages and Papers of the Presidents. 1789-1897

  • ULIB J 81 B 96
  • DEWRBR J 81 B 962x 1995
  • University Library Media / Software [at Circulation Desk first floor]: J 81 B962X 1995

This multi-volume work is a complete compilation of all the annual, special, and veto messages, proclamations, and inaugural addresses of the Presidents of the United States. It is arranged chronologically and separated by president beginning with Washington and going through Taft. There is a cumulative index arranged by subject in a separate volume. The entire work is available in the main library and CD-ROM versions are available at the University Library Circulation Desk and at Dewey Library.

State of the Union Messages of the President. 1790-1966 J 81 C 66
This multi-volume work contains the annual messages given by the presidents. It is arranged chronologically with a separate section for each president beginning with Washington and ending with Johnson.

The Statesman's Manual. 1789-1849. J 81 A 49 v. 1-4
The Manual is a four volume work, which contains the addresses and messages of the Presidents of the United States, inaugural, annual, and special, from 1789 to 1849. The Manual begins with Washington and ends with Taylor. It also has a memoir of each of the Presidents, and a history of their administrations. The Constitution of the United States and a selection of important documents and statistical information are included as well. There is a chronological table and a comprehensive analytical index in the last volume.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. 1965-present

  • Per J 80 A2 84
  • DEWEY Per J 80 A2 84
  • DEWEY FcP J 80 A 2 84 (microfiche 1977-1981)

Internet Access to Compilation of Presidential Documents. (1993-current year)
These documents contain the text of proclamations and executive orders, speeches, conferences, press releases, messages to Congress, and other materials released by the White House. The Compilation is published each Monday and contains materials from the preceding week. The Compilation is indexed quarterly.

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