In-Depth Look: Ask

Compiled by Wei Lu

Ask debuted in 2001 and formerly known as Ask Jeeves and acquired Teoma in the same year. Teoma has been the heart of Ask search technology since 2001. The power of the Teoma algorithm ExpertRank makes Ask one of the world's most powerful and unique search engines. Ask's search results are displayed in three ways: Smart Answers (summary of your search), Relevant Rank (relevant web pages), Relevant Search (suggestions to narrow, expand and related your search).

Ask has search tools of Web, News, Images, Weather, Blogs, etc. This direct search way finds results faster for you.


  • Finds relevant results than only listing popular websites by identifying the most authoritative sites on the Web.
  • Binoculars icon gives you preview of web page before clicking on it.
  • No truncation and no case sensitivity.


  • Smaller database originally developed by Teoma.
  • No cached copies of pages.

Main Search Features

  • Default operation is AND and support ( + ) sign.
  • Supports proximity searching by using double quotes (" ").

Advanced Features

  • Allows you to specify your search using drop-down menus for "all of the words," "the exact phrase," "at least of the words," "none of the words".
  • Supports limited Boolean search using operators "AND" and "OR" (Operator must be in all upper case).
  • Allows field searching "Anywhere on page," "In page title," and "In URL."
  • Provides limits search for domain, language, country and date.
  • Stop words such as "the", "of" can be searched by putting ( + ) in front of them.

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