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What it is:
This tutorial will focus on how to avoid student plagiarism.

Some folks speculate that increased Internet use at universities has fostered a rise in student plagiarism. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, one thing is clear. It's easier than ever for instructors to find a student's plagiarized source-the same way the student accessed it-by using the Web.

Some studies do suggest that cheating among students is more of a problem today than previously. For example, the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University found that 80% of college students surveyed said they had cheated "at least once". (2)  http://www.plagiarism.org/

At the University at Albany:

Most referrals for academic dishonesty that are investigated by the Office of Conflict Resolution and Civic Responsibility result in disciplinary suspension or dismissal.

If you are caught presenting someone else's work as your own, your instructor is required to send a letter to the Dean for Undergraduate Studies. The Dean automatically refers students to the Office of Conflict Resolution and Civic Responsibility after two such referrals from faculty.

In addition, professors can apply any of the following penalties for plagiarism:

 Warning only

 Require rewriting of the paper

 Lowering of paper or project grade by one full letter or more

 Failing grade on paper or project

 Lowering course grade

 Failing grade for course

 Report incident to the Office of Conflict Resolution and Civic Responsibility for further action, such as suspension (Community Rights &  Responsibilities, 2007-2010, 8-9). (3)

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What it isHelpful StrategiesCitation PracticeResources References Style Guides