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Helpful Strategies: More Scenarios

Scenario 3

Jasmine doesn't get along with her professor. She feels he is insensitive to who she is and unsupportive of her studies.
She has avoided starting her research paper because she is angry and also nervous about writing something she feels will be unfairly criticized. To make matters worse, she is unsure of exactly how to use information from the journal articles she found without accidentally plagiarizing. She is afraid to admit to her professor that she needs help. Even if you might agree with Jasmine's assessment of her professor, which of these strategies will help get her through the course?

These are some possibilities:

She could take advantage of other people on campus who can offer assistance. Librarians at the reference desk can provide examples and handouts on correct citation styles. Staff at the campus Writing Center can assist her to incorporate information from the articles into her paper without plagiarizing.

One tactic she could use is to write the paper as if it were for some one else-a person who is intelligent, interested, sympathetic,and who she trusts will be fair in their criticism..(5,7)

After Jasmine finishes her paper, she could cultivate a group of fellow students with whom she can discuss her concerns. Together, and with professors who are supportive, they could work to foster better learning relationships on campus.(5)

Many similar situations come up for students, however, anxiety about research or writing never justifies plagiarizing another's work. The main thing to remember is that there are resources online and on campus you can use to help negotiate or manage difficulties. Click the navigation bar for a list of resources.

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What it isHelpful StrategiesCitation Practice ResourcesReferences Style Guides