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What are students saying about UNL205?

Here is what some former students wrote about their experience in our class:

"Through taking an Information Literacy course, students will not only become more knowledgeable in previous areas including Minerva, citations, and writing a thesis, but will also develop enriched researching skills and explore new websites and databases innumerable people don’t realize are available for use or research." -- Click here to see Daina's PowerPoint presentation!

- D. Migdel

Information Literacy and Its Importance in the World -- Power Point presentation created by student in UNL205

- R. Eidelman

A Poem Dedicated to Information Literacy

- S. Baker

"UNL 205 is a very useful course for all students. I found it especially helpful in not only learning how to do research, but also how to write research papers correctly. I also learned a lot of useful tips for searching the Web for reliable information. I feel this course is beneficial for all students."

- J. Glasser

Students on the University at Albany Campus

"As a sophomore I took UNL205, which has proven to be extremely valuable to me. UNL205 is a course that should be taken by every student in every college or university. UNL205 is a course that will help you to find information in a more effective way when writing papers or just doing research for any subject. I'm positive you will learn something new every time you attend class. Take UNL205 because it is a class that you can use throughout your life time, which is also a plus when going into any job field."

- S. Smith

"UNL 205 has offered me a wealth of services that have increased my overall knowledge of information literacy. The program provides students with a vast amount of resources that help with research and the technical aspects of writing a professional paper. I highly recommend the course for all students who are interested in improving their writing skills and research tactics."

- D. Bennett

"When I first added Information Literacy to my semester course load I was honestly looking forward to a "gimme" credit, and a brief class that would give me some helpful hints on how to utilize the library more efficiently. I was wrong on several counts! This class was not an easy credit, but the work was of greater significance to my academic journey than I could ever have imagined.

"As with many students, I came into class with some working knowledge of how to research various databases. What I was not expecting to learn was how limiting my habitual practices were for pulling together projects. This course polished my unrefined skills and taught me how to maneuver within a technology that is as vast as it is constantly changing. What I learned was how to use the resources currently available with stronger precision, and how to keep abreast of the current of changes that impact the way we receive, interpret, and record information. The class begins at a grassroots level, defining words, such as data, information, and knowledge, which are often taken in automatically without much digestion. From this point the focus on details brings awareness to not only how to access certain materials, but why they are appropriate. Overall I left this course with the ability to perform targeted research and more importantly, the ability to discern the quality, accuracy, and usefulness of the information found. In summation this course did not feed me a fish. it …. You probably already know the rest, if not you will be able to find out for yourself easily enough after taking UNL 205 : )"

- M. Curtis-Medina


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