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What is UNL205/206?

UNL205 (Information Literacy) is a one credit quarter course designed to acquaint you with the processes of finding, organizing, using, producing, and distributing information in print, electronic, and other formats in a wide variety of academic disciplines in the humanties and social sciences, such as History, Criminal Justice, Theater, Psychology, Philosophy, etc. You will learn about the flow of information, how to be effective at the research process, how to access information in a variety of formats, and how to formulate effective searches on electronic databases and the Internet. You will also be taught how to evaluate the quality of Web-based and print information, and will become familiar with practical, social and ethical issues relating to information. Teaching a UNL class

UNL206 (Information Literacy in the Sciences) is very similar to UNL205 in that is also a one credit quarter course, but it is designed with the student of the natural and physical sciences in mind. Because researching in the natural and physical sciences is often very different than in the humanities and social sciences, we are offering UNL206 to address the complex and unique information literacy issues that arise in the pure science disciplines. Consider taking this class if you have a major or research interest in the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Mathematics and Statistics, or Physics.



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