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What will you learn in UNL205/206?


When you leave this class, you will have gained or honed the following skills:

• You will know how to look to find the information you need, no matter how simple or complicated. If you cannot find the information immediately, you will have the required strategies to determine where to look.

• You will know the format of the information, as well as its creator and quality, will determine where you look.

• You will have effective skills for finding any information you need, without wasting precious time looking for it.

• Along with the knowledge you gain in your major, you will be an effective evaluator of the information you find. This will definitely help you with your research for papers, projects, and reports.

• You will be a great resource for your friends and classmates whose research skills are weak. You will be the expert!

What will you learn in our classes?


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These skills will increase your value to employers, as well as your skill when researching job opportunities and preparing for interviews!



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