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Library Development Committee

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Established in 2001, the current Library Development Committee is committed to raising funds for the Libraries.

The members of the Library Development Committee are:

Mary Brankman '63, Elaine Brody '68, Carla Craft, Matthew Ostoyich '57, Sandra Ostoyich, MLS '71, Edith (Walter)Quake  '63, Professor Jeremy Schrauf, M.A. '75, Carol Clingan '71, MLS '73, Thomas Clingan '73, MPA '75, Jill Weinstein, MLS '72, Carla Honig '74, Rebecca Mugridge, Dean of University Libraries, and Mary Johnson, Senior Major Gift Officer.

Committee members have personal reasons for their philanthropic interests. For example:

A longtime friend of the University, Carla Craft joined the Library Development Committee in 2001. She sustains The University Libraries' Fund for Materials in Fine Arts and Performing Arts because it allows her "to support the university that did an excellent job educating my daughters and son-in-law, in areas that interest all of us who are parents of students or who are alumni."

Matt and Sandy Ostoyich initiated Honoring Our Professors Endowed Fund for University Libraries in 2004. For Matt, "Professor Harry Price of the Department of History was an exemplary teacher and scholar who prepared me well not only in the discipline of history, but also in the uses of a library." For Sandy, who earned her Master's degree in Library Science in 1971, "No university can be truly exceptional without an outstanding library system." Together, the Ostoyiches are committed to building the University Libraries as well as paying tribute to the professors who taught them how to use their resources.

Edith (Walter) Quake supports, with her customary vigor, The University Libraries' Endowment for Enriching Programs in Science and Technology. The heart of a university, in her view, is the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next. The library serves that function and is a resource for every student, professor, and member of the university community. Because the library plays such a crucial role, she is willing to spend time and resources in its support.

Jeremy Schrauf has been a member of the Library Development Committee since the Campaign for the New Library, which began in 1997. He believes in the centrality of Albany's Libraries to achieve the University's mission. He supports the Annual Fund and raising endowments for Library collections. Mr. Schrauf initiated The University Libraries Fund for Materials for Research in Economics in 2004.

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