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Library Storage Facility

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Library Storage Facility

The collections of Albany's University Libraries exceed 2 million cataloged volumes. The University Library contains nearly 1.2 million of those volumes. The Dewey Graduate Library contains about 125,000 volumes. The new Science Library contains approximately 400,000 volumes. To house selected collections, the Libraries have developed an on-campus library storage facility for lesser-used items from the collections. The Library Storage Facility is located under the extension wings of the Campus Center and is accessed through the lower level of the Science Library. This facility provides approximately 50,000 nsf of space and 80,000 linear feet of compact shelving to take care of library storage needs for some time to come.

Items from the University Libraries' collections housed in the Library Storage Facility can be paged and made available to users upon request. Requests may be made electronically on forms available through our ILLiad service ( or at the Circulation Desk of the Science Library. Paging of materials from the facility will be done throughout the day by Science Library staff, with a turnaround time of one hour or less.

Requested materials can be delivered to the user in several ways. Circulating materials may be sent for pick-up in either the University or Dewey Libraries or held for pick-up at the Science Library Circulation Desk. Materials that do not usually circulate (e.g., periodicals) will be sent to the holding library only. These materials may also be held for on-site use only in the Science Library. Interlibrary deliveries are made by an intercampus delivery service that is available only Monday through Friday (exclusive of holidays). Interlibrary delivery generally takes 24 to 48 hours. Some restrictions may apply to the total number of volumes that may be sent via the courier in any one shipment.

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