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Human Sexuality and Gender Identity

Records, 1983-1992 (APAP-106)
The collection documents the activities of ACT UP, Albany (N.Y.) Chapter, and other chapters from its creation in 1987 to 1992. In March 1987, ACT UP, AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power, was formed in New York City by a group of people as a diverse, nonpartisan organization of individuals united in anger and committed to ending the AIDS crisis. ACT UP is a national and international nonpartisan activist group whose mission is to fight for "an end to the AIDS crisis." The collection consists of administrative files such as handbooks for activists, activism in various chapters, the AIDS Curriculum Lesson for the City of Albany, AIDS education and preventive guides and programs, correspondence, minutes, and papers of the Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Inc., from 1990 to 1991. It also includes several legal documents related to human rights, penal law, and public health law, and meeting notes. The strengths of this collection are the posters, fliers, and other activism material from ACT UP chapters.

Records, 1992–2006, 2.29 cubic ft. and 68 mb of electronic records (APAP–164)

Campus Action was formed in April 1992 as a multicultural, multi-issue organization with a mission to promote activism and support activist organizations on university campuses in New York’s Capital Region. It maintained eight chapters representing individual campuses as well as a central office at the Social Justice Center in Albany. The records of Campus Action contain materials collected and generated by the organization including both paper documents and electronic records. These materials include minutes, correspondence, publications, grant applications, webpages, fliers, leaflets and other handouts. The collection holds material from the Campus Action central office and does not contain material specific to the individual chapters of Campus Action. Campus Action created a number of publications for campus distribution. These include the newsletter Campus Action News, two study guides, and directories of local activist organizations and internships. These are all represented in the collection, along with materials from the biannual conferences held to help organize activism, primarily as paper documents with some additional later material in electronic form. The case of Ali Yaghi, an Albany resident and owner of a pizza shop who was arrested just days after 9/11, is also documented in the collection.

Records, 1972–2002, 5.33 cubic ft. (APAP–193)
The records of the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Center include primarly publications, correspondence, news clippings, and publicity materials. The collection includes: news clippings; correspondence; and publications that include CommUNITY (1974-2000), Speak Out (1974-1978), Northeast Alive, Capital District Alive, among others. The inventory provided here covers only the publications in this collection. Additional records created by the CDGLCC are also available in the Department of Special Collections and Archives, but have not yet been inventoried.

COLLECTION, 1969-2006, 3.37 cubic ft. (APAP-185)

The Capital Region Transgender Community Archive is a unique collection of local and regional newsletters and documents from the 1970s to the present. The bulk of the material in the collection dates from the 1980s and 1990s. The collection includes the TVIC newsletter (1972-1984), Transgender Independence Club newsletter (1987-2001), and issues of other local and national publications. Also available in the collection are posters, fliers, some organizational records, videos, and material from the Albany Gender Project. An incomplete inventory is provided here until the complete arrangement and description of the collection is completed.

PAPERS, 1927–2000, 44.4 cubic ft. (APAP-101)

The collection includes material documenting the National March on Washington, Women's Encampment, Elword Productions, Gay Games, Full Circle Festival: Equinox '89, Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival, Rhythm Fest, and other events and groups.

Papers, circa 1969-1984, 1.2 cubic ft. (APAP-215)

The collection includes materials related to the women's movement with an emphasis on the Capital Region of New York. DeSole collected material related to projects in Albany, speeches, and publications. Records of particular interest are DeSole's speeches and the MA thesis "Feminism in the Seventies: A Study of the Woemn’s Liberation Movement of Albany, New York, 1969-1979" by Margaret Boys of Goddard College in August 1980. Also included are newsletters, journals, and periodicals. Note that only scattered issues for most of these publications are available in the collection.

Papers, circa 1967-1986, 3 cubic ft. (APAP-051)

The collection includes materials related to the women's movement and lesbians with an emphasis on the Capital Region of New York, but also including material from throughout the United States. Lurie collected photographs from Women's Day in Albany, posters, material related to projects in Albany, correspondence, drafts of manuscripts, and Lurie's own speeches. Also included are pamphlets, newsletters, journals, and periodicals.

Records, 1971–2005, 5.00 cubic ft. (APAP-174)

The collection includes correspondence, minutes, by-laws, financial reports, subject files on women's issues, and printed materials pertaining to NOW with particular strength in documenting the Albany and New York State chapters. The records of this women's organization pertain to sexual discrimination in education and employment, reproductive rights, gay and lesbian rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and other gender-related issues.

Records, 1966–1988, 23.75 cubic ft. (APAP-029)

Includes correspondence, minutes, by-laws, financial reports, documentation of lobbying activities, subject files on women's issues, and printed materials pertaining to NOW, New York State, founded in 1974, the state affiliate of NOW, which was founded in Washington, D.C., in 1966. The records of this women's organization pertain to sexual discrimination in education and employment, reproductive rights, gay and lesbian rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and other gender issues. The records are organized into five series: subject files, 1968–1988; issues files, 1966–1988; lobbyists' files, 1976–1985; chapter newsletter file, 1966–1985; and a feminist publications collection, 1966–1985.

Papers, 1940–1998, 14 cubic ft. (UA–902.006)
Correspondence, lecture notes, publications, primarily relating to Norton's career (1963– ) as a professor in the School of Education, University at Albany, particularly to his interest in vocational guidance, school counseling, and sex education. The papers also include two cubic feet of correspondence, minutes of meetings, and printed materials relating to Norton's involvement in the gay liberation movement: advisor to the Gay Liberation Front in New York State (1971–72); a member of the Board of Directors of the National Gay Task Force (1976–78); a founder and director of the National Caucus of Gay and Lesbian Counselors of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists; and a founder and director of the Caucus of Gay Counselors of the American Personnel and Guidance Association (1977–78).

Papers, 1982–1992, 4.18 cubic ft. (APAP–045)

Libby Post has worked for numerous politicians including the campaigns of Edward Bloch (APAP-115) for Congress in 1984 and 1987. She was press secretary for New York State Assembly Representative May W. Newburger and Sheila Healy, the 6th District Democrat for Albany County Legislature. Post is also very active in numerous social issues. She served as media coordinator for Family Planning Advocates of New York State and the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc. Post worked for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, for gay rights, and against domestic violence as part of her private activist work. Her papers include press kits for campaign workers; newsletters; press releases; and press coverage in the form of news clippings. Subject files are predominantly news clippings on topics such as homosexuality, child abuse, gay rights, Planned Parenthood, reproductive issues, and state law.

Papers, 1980-2004, 2.75 cubic ft. (APAP-202)

Collection includes publications and material from the CDGLCC, material from other parts of New York State, and other material created and collected by Don Rosenthal as part of his research of AIDS service organizations in New York.

Records, 1981-2001, 4.3 cubic feet, 19 VHS tapes, approximately 600 KB of electronic records (APAP–177)

The Social Justice Center (SJC) was formed in 1981 by an alliance of non-profit activist organizations in order to provide a central location, office space, and basic services for activist groups in Albany, New York. Projects of the Center include the Dismantling Racism project, which sponsors workshops to address the roots of racial prejudice, the PCB/Environmental Health project, which works to educate the community about potential toxins, and the Infoshop, a lending library that stocks progressive periodicals and books. The records of the Social Justice Center include financial records, meeting minutes, publications, fliers, grant proposals, photographs, and correspondence. There are also materials generated by the operation of the store Peace Offerings. The history, goals, and operations of the organization are well represented in the Administrative Files series. Histories of the center can be found in the 1991 board retreat material. The Peace Offering series primarily contains promotional materials such as signs and displays. There is little material in this collection from the member groups of the SJC. There is a small amount of administrative materials from the Centro de Progresso group and a folder of materials from the creation of the Institute for Farmworker Justice.

Papers, 1977-2005, 2.66 cubic ft. (APAP–212)

This collection documents gay and lesbian publications with a particular emphasis on the Capital Region and Upstate New York. Material from New York City and neighboring states is also included. The publications range from professionally produced magazines to independently published zines. These publications are scheduled to be cataloged in Minerva, the University Libraries' online catalog. The collection also includes material often considered to be ephemeral such as handbills, flyers, advertising postcards, stickers, matchbooks, and other promotional material for various events and venues. Objects includes a condom packaged by the AIDS Council Project HOPE and a latex dental dam from the Women's Action Coalition both of which were used to promote safe sex.

RECORDS, 1954-2000, 20.3 cubic ft. (APAP-292)

The Women's Building, Inc. is the women's community center of the Capital Region located at 79 Central Avenue in Albany, New York. The Holding Our Own ( foundation owns and operates the Women's Building. The Women's Building's mission is to create an environment where differences are respected, leadership is shared, all women's strengths are recognized, all women's growth is supported, and a diversity of age, race, education, income, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, religion, and social background is seen as enriching. The organization's goals are to: provide a resource center and clearinghouse for information of interest to women; a multi-purpose space for cultural, informational, and recreational events of interest to women and children including meeting rooms, office rental for women's organizations, services, commercial, and professional enterprises, and a performance area; and to enhance a sense of community among women throughout the Capital Region. The collection includes records such as meeting minutes, grant applications, material related to the Women's Building's capital campaign, publications, program material, and other administrative material.