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University Archives


Records, 1844-2015, 10.03 cubic ft., 1.39 GB (UA100)
Originally the university's Executive Council, the group has evolved into an exterior oversight council, appointed by the Governor.

Records, 1915-1989, 21 ft. (UA200)

The University Senate serves as the "principal policy-forming body of the University." Documents faculty academic and social life, changes in academic programs, regulations of student academic and social life, and major university reorganization plans.

Records, 1916-1995, 115 ft. (UA000)
The presidents whose official papers are held include Abram R. Brubacher, 1915-1939; John M. Sayles, 1939-1947; Milton G. Nelson (acting), 1947-1949; Evan R. Collins, 1949-1969; Allan A. Kuusisto (acting), 1969-1970; Louis T. Benezet, 1970-1975; Emmet B. Fields, 1975-1977; and Vincent O'Leary, 1977-1990; H. Patrick Swygert, 1990-1995.

Collection, 1961-1988, 2.3 ft. (UA950.005)
Records of the construction of the Edward Durrell Stone-designed Uptown Campus in the 1960s.

Records, 1851-2010, 67.51 cubic ft. (UA801)
Records document the day-to-day operations and special event planning of the organization. The Alumni Association is a semi-independent, incorporated entity on campus that coordinates alumni outreach and supports the University community through fund-raising and advocacy.


Collection, 1916-2015 (UA809)
The University at Albany, SUNY student newspapers (State College News, State University News, Albany Student Press), from 1916-present. Issues from the years 1916-1985 and 2015 are available online. Additional issues are only available in-person.

Collection, 1968–1972, 1.33 ft. (UA950.007)

An artificial collection including correspondence, newspaper clippings, and flyers, and printed materials, predominantly from 1969-1970, collected to document unrest on the SUNYA campus and at other institutions across the country.

Records, 1915-1984, 1.42 ft. (UA800.001)

The original student government of the State College for Teachers, founded in 1917. Myskania acted as a secret society which selected its own members, but its duties were gradually assumed by the Student Association and it was disbaned in 1979.

SCHAEFER, VINCENT, physicist, environmentalist
Papers, 1891-1979, 100 ft. (UA902.010)

Schaefer is a pioneer in the field of atmospheric science and developer of cloud seeding at the General Electric Laboratories in Schenectady. Papers also relate to Project Cirrus, environmentalism, and his service on the faculty of the University at Albany, SUNY Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

VONNEGUT, BERNARD, professor of atmospheric science
Papers, 1928-1997, 19.3 cubic ft. (UA902.068)

Atmospheric scientist at M.I.T., the General Electric Research Laboratories, and the University at Albany, SUNY Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. Documents Project Cirrus and research on icing and atmospheric electricity, cloud physics, thunderstorms, and tornado formation. Brother of author Kurt Vonnegut.