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Asian Studies Program

Yu-Hui Chen, Subject Librarian

I. General Purpose

Materials are collected under the rubric of Asian Studies to support the undergraduate interdisciplinary Asian Studies major. This program offers undergraduates the opportunity to study the cultures, history, politics, economics and geography of the Asian region. As of this writing, the relationship between the Asian Studies program and the Department of East Asian Studies is not altogether clear; the Department of East Asian Studies is responsible for Japanese and Chinese language and literature instruction, whereas the Asian Studies program focuses on social science instruction about Asia in English. The Asian Studies program is also supported by the collections which support undergraduate and graduate study in sociology, economics, political science, history, geography, and art.

II. Subject and Language Modifiers

Languages: Only English-language publications are acquired by the Asian Studies Subject Librarian; materials in Chinese, Japanese and Korean are purchased by the Subject Librarian for East Asian Studies.

Geographical Areas: Collection activity focuses on the Middle East and India, although materials on other countries and regions are acquired selectively.

Chronological Periods: The focus of collection activity is on publications which deal with the twentieth century; materials on other time periods are acquired selectively.

III. Description of Materials Collected

Monographs and a small collection of periodicals form the basis of this collection.

IV. Subject and Collection Levels [Collection Level Descriptions]

India Basic Information Level, Advanced
Middle East Basic Information Level, Advanced
Other geographical areasBasic Information Level, Introductory

V. Other Factors

Some materials which deal with the history of Asia are acquired by the History Subject Librarian. Materials which deal with Asia are also acquired by the Political Science, Sociology, Economics, and Art Subject Librarians when appropriate. Asian literature is collected by the East Asian Studies Subject Librarian, as are works in Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

October 2003

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