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Collection Development Guidelines

The Libraries’ subject librarians select and retain materials for the collection based on the following principles:

  • Make available those information resources, with the exception of textbooks, that are likely to be needed by students in preparation for class assignments.
  • Following the collection levels included in the Collection Development Policy Subject Statements, support degree programs commensurate with the level of the degree.
  • For departments offering only an undergraduate degree, faculty research is supported on an individual title basis for ongoing projects, facilitated at a judicious level and is based on faculty communication with the subject librarian.
  • For departments supporting Masters degrees and advanced certificates, more intensive collecting is focused on specific courses, requirements for the degree, and research as communicated by faculty and graduate students.
  • For departments offering doctoral programs, in-depth collecting reflects major foci of the degree programs.
  • Support faculty research within fiscal constraints. Identify areas of potential interest and purchase resources which meet the needs of new or emerging areas of research.
  • Support general academic interest, inquiry, and university goals.
  • Provide access to resources, such as bibliographies and union catalogs, that can be used to identify and access information sources not owned locally.
  • Consider cooperative agreements with other research libraries and consortia whose holdings could potentially augment access to collections.
  • Evaluate the content of all information resources according to the standards of authority, comprehensiveness, validity, language, time periods and geographical areas presented in the Libraries’ Collection Development Policy Subject Statements. As appropriate, apply the additional criteria for selecting special material types/forms established by the Libraries.

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