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Borrow A Kindle at Dewey!

Have you ever needed a book right away and didn’t have time to wait for the library to order it through interlibrary loan? Remember how frustrated you got when the book that you had to have for class wasn’t on the library shelf? Now, you can obtain the books you need in a flash with a borrowed Kindle from the Dewey Graduate Library.

Students, faculty and staff in good standing may borrow a Paperwhite Kindle for a loan period of 14 days. You can use the Kindle to create an account to buy books from Once you return the Kindle to the library, your account information will be scrubbed from the Kindle, so that others will not be able to use your information. Your account will still be active for you to use from another device or for the next time you borrow the Kindle from the library.

Ask to borrow a Kindle at the library and our staff will assist you. If you haven’t used a Kindle before, getting started is a simple matter of following prompts once you have turned the Kindle on. Make sure the register the Kindle using an account that you already have or you may create a new account. The Kindle includes a brief tutorial with instructions for use.

Amazon’s bookstore at contains thousands of books available for purchase, and many classic volumes at no cost. And, if you have a library card from your local public library, you can borrow digital books at no cost. Check out your library’s website for information on their ebook collection.

Blog post created by Deborah Bernnard and Aurora Becker

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