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Figuring Out Who is In Charge of What in Washington


Capitol_Building_Full_View (2).jpgOur federal government is a complex entity where legislative and regulatory oversight of a particular industry or issue is shared by multiple committees, departments and offices employing a myriad of personnel, each playing her own part. Identifying key players among this thriving mass of humanity seems like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, the University Libraries has two resources that can help you sort out who does what in Washington.

Leadership Congress is an online directory of Capitol Hill that enables you to search updated information on elected officials, staffers, committees and more for the 113th Congress. It’s over 20,000 entries include committee and subcommittee listings with staff at all levels, congressional leadership offices with full staff listings, and listings for member organizations, including caucuses, task forces, commissions and advisory boards. Listings include names, contact information and biographical information for elected officials and staffers. You can also access detailed Congressional district maps and a map of Capitol Hill. You can search for Senate and House leadership and administrative information; individual Senators and Representatives and their staff; Senate, House and joint committees; and leadership PACs. You can also search a legislative issue to find individuals, committees and other groups who are responsible for legislation on that issue.

For directory information on the rest of the federal government, check out Leadership Federal Government, which provides contact information for key decision-makers, including federal government phone and fax numbers, emails, addresses and biographical information. You can search by individual or organization or browse federal officials by office specialty, job function, and organization type. The directory is also browsable by topic and includes a handy list of acronyms to help you make sense of the government’s alphabet soup.

Both of these directories are available online to University faculty, students, and staff through a subscription paid for by the University Libraries. For more information on these and other public administration and policy resources, contact bibliographer Dick Irving at 442-3698 or

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