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Drugs and Substance Abuse - New Resources

Drugs, addiction and substance abuse are perennially topics of significant interest to students, particularly at the downtown campus. These topics are often multi-and interdisciplinary, particularly for those studying from a social work or social services perspective. Here are some of the new books on drugs and addiction that may be of interest to social work students and faculty:

emergin perspetives.JPGEmerging Perspectives on Substance Misuse (2013). Willm Mistral, ed.
Dewey Library/HV 4998 E44 2013
This compact volume features a number of essays related to drug use. Topics are related to treatment paradigms and considerations, newer profiles of addictive behaviors and interventions, new screening techniques, policy and legal considerations. The editor states that the volume is meant to provide evidence-based research that moves current thinking about substance abuse treatment and policy forward, rather than relying solely on traditional thinking about this social problem.

parenting and substance.jpgParenting and Substance Abuse (2013).Nancy E. Suchman, et al., eds.
Dewey Library/HV 4999 P37 2013
Focusing on parents who are substance abusers, this work provides essays and articles from a variety of experts on efforts to integrate parenting intervention research with substance abuse treatment research. The first section is dedicated to theory—how does addiction impact the developmental process of parenting? The second section identifies assessment, evaluation, intervention and treatment. The book covers this topic from a variety of perspectives - social services, psychology, biology, genetics, and so forth. The material is comprehensive and evidence-based and should provide students and researchers with a thorough understanding of the issues related to parent-addicts.

key concepts.JPGKey Concepts in Drugs and Society (2013). Ross Coomber, et al., eds.
Dewey Library HV 5801 K49 2013
A general overview of drug use and abuse, this book include brief basics on addiction. Topics include typical drugs that are abused, settings in which drugs are frequently abused, cultural variations in drug use and abuse, drug violence and crime, health hazards of using illicit drugs, addiction prevention, historical issues, and drug testing. The objective of this book is to highlight the key issues in each area, and there are substantial references to help students and researchers to locate information that will help them go more in depth on each topic.

judging addicts.gifJudging Addicts (2013). Rebecca Tiger.
Dewey Library/ KF 3890 T54 2013
The increase in incarceration rates is a collateral issue related to addiction and drug crime. This work provides research on the drug court system, in which persons who commit drug-related crime are sent to drug treatment programs in lieu of prison. The author discusses the issues related to society’s handling of drug abuse from both criminal and medical perspectives, and how these diverging paradigms increase “punitive control” over addicts and do not effectively work to decrease drug related crime in society. The author argues that drug court should be completely separate from the criminal justice system as a first step in improving the handling of social problems related to drug abuse and abusers.

If you would like more information on finding books, articles, statistics or other information related to drug abuse and addiction, please contact Social Welfare Subject librarian, Elaine Lasda Bergman at

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