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Dewey Intersession and Summer Hours

 The Dewey Library is here for you during the summer. Now that all your final papers, projects and exams from the Spring semester are in the rear view, all you may want to think about is getting some sleep. If, however, you are taking summer classes,  have an ongoing project or want to get a jump on next semester, you may want to come into Dewey to do some research or find a quiet place to study.

Our hours over the next few months are slightly different in the summer than during the school year:

Intersession: May 19–May 26

Monday–Friday                     8:00am–8:00pm

Saturday–Sunday                  CLOSED


Summer: May 27-August 15

Monday–Thursday   8:00am–10:00pm

Friday                         8:00am–8:00pm

Saturday                     10:00am–5:00pm

Sunday                       Noon–7:00pm

Have a great summer!

For more information on the summer schedule for Dewey Library, contact us at or 442-3691.


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