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New Resource: Oxford Language Dictionaries

Need to know the German word for “law” (“gesetz”)? How about the Italian word (“legge”)? Ever wondered what the French call this: “@” (“un arobase”)? Find these answers and a whole lot more in our new database: Oxford Language Dictionaries! []

The Oxford Language Dictionaries are a comprehensive resource for foreign language study and use. It contains basic bilingual dictionaries for Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Korean, and Polish, as well as in depth dictionaries for Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Chinese. The in depth dictionaries include translations of phrases and idiomatic expressions related to a word. For example, the entries for “cheese” include what a photographer says before snapping a picture.

Oxford Language Dictionaries provides an extensive Tools and Resources section for each language to help users navigate the language and culture in both business and personal settings. There is an extensive section on proper way to write letters in each language that includes an in depth list of sample correspondences, from applying for a job to accepting a formal wedding invitation. The Grammar and Vocabulary sections include verb tables, grammatical notes and pronunciation guides. Also included is information on the life and culture of the countries where each language is spoken.

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