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Superheroes in the Library or How the IMC Saved the Day

 Last spring, we decided to make a video tour of Dewey to help familiarize students with the library. We started by writing a script based on the in-person tours we give at the beginning of each semester. We soon realized, however, that without the personal interaction that a live tour offers, a straight video tour would be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Our solution? Super heroes, of course!

We convinced our colleagues and grad students to play The Librarian, Caped Parton Aider, and her friends Captain Circulation and Workshop Woman, pulled out the scissors, fabric glue and sparkly craft foam to make some awesome costumes, and were ready to make the video.

Here, we hit on another problem: we had neither to equipment nor the technical know-ho to shoot and edit a video. Undaunted, we turned to our friends at the Interactive Media Center (IMC), located in the basement of the University Library, for help. They have all kinds of equipment  that you can borrow with your SUNY Card, including digital cameras and camcorders, tripods, microphones and LED light kits. We borrowed a camcorder and a tripod and were ready to start shooting.

After several hours of shooting spread out over a couple of days (it’s amazing how much footage you need to create a 5 minute video), we wrapped the shoot and it was time for editing. Once again the IMC proved a valuable resource. They have a wide range of audio and video software, including Audacity, iMovie, Garage Band, Windows Live Movie Maker and Sound Hack. They also have a host of tutorials on how to use all their fancy software. They even have a handy page all about audio and video production that includes information on how to place microphones to avoid feedback, how to setup lighting for an interview and how to convert a video to Flash for use on the Web. We decided to use Windows Live Movie, and the IMC’s tutorial was essential in figuring out how to use it.

Once the editing was done, the last step was recording the voiceover. For this, we used the Skype/recording room in the basement of the University Library (you can get the key from the Circulation Desk), which has a PC with and Audacity and Adobe Captivate for audio recording. After many takes, the audio was perfect and our video was done! Check it out and see what you think: 


Interested in making your own video? The folks at the IMC and help you figure out what equipment and software are best suited to your needs and help you figure out how to use them. Even if a video isn’t in your future, check out the IMC’s page to see if one of their free classes is up your alley. 

For more information on the IMC, contact Regina Conboy at 442-3608 or

Post created by Cary Gouldin.


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