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Tech Tools at UAlbany Libraries

Find yourself in need of a critical piece of technology for an assignment that you just don’t have? Don’t start counting your pocket change wondering how you’ll ever save up enough money to buy something. Just come to the library! We have all sorts of technology available for students to check out and use.

One of the most popular items the libraries check out is our laptops. The Dewey Library has two to check out, and both the University and Science libraries uptown have more. You can check one out for up to four hours at a time and each laptop comes with a mouse and a charger. And yes, you can take them out of the library. Just make sure you get them back on time! Check out our website for information on the types of software available on our laptops. The libraries also lend Kindle Paperwhites. You can check one out at any of the university’s three libraries for up to two weeks at a time. Don’t feel shy about checking one out just to see how it works; you wouldn’t be the only one. And of course, we also have headphones available at every circulation desk.

The University Library also offers several items for check out not available at any of the others. These items include mini projectors, USB microphones, calculators, USB thumb drives, and cassette tape recorders. Remember, you can only check these out uptown, and you can only return them to the University Library as well.

Think that’s already a lot of technology available already? You haven’t seen anything yet! The Interactive Media Center (IMC), located in the basement of the University Library uptown, has even more stuff. Has your professor assigned an obscure VHS for you to watch? Who has a VHS player anymore? Well, the IMC does! They have stations that can play anything, from DVDs to VHS tapes, and even laser disks! What’s a laser disk? Go down and see for yourself!  But the IMC has more than that. It has even more media equipment available for loan! Camcorders, digital cameras, tripods, sound recorders, cassette tape decks, and more! Check out the complete list of equipment  for loan at the IMC. The IMC is open Monday – Friday from 9 to 5.

If you have any questions about equipment available through the libraries, feel free to call us at the circulation desk at 442-3693 for Dewey or 442-3569 for the Main library. If you have any questions about the IMC, call them at 442-3608 or email Regina Conboy at And as always, you can call us at the reference desk at 442-3691.

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