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 One of the more important functions of a library is its circulation services. After all, what good would all of these books do anyone if nobody could take them out? So today is all about what the circulation desk can do for you. First and foremost, you can check books out here. When you find something down in our collection that you want you can just bring it up and check it out. Don’t forget to bring your SUNYcard, though, because you’ll need that to check anything out. Take a look at our circulation policy [ for a full list of loan periods. They vary by enrollment status, so a graduate student will have a longer loan period than an undergrad, and so on.

 If you don’t quite know where to go for what you’re looking for we can point you in the right direction, and if you’re having a hard time finding it or if it isn’t quite where it should be we can help you look as well. If your book still can’t be found then we can show you the next steps you should take to get what you need. Just don’t leave your search until the last minute, because if it isn’t there you won’t be getting it right away!

Aside from the normal circulating collection, the circulation desk also houses our reserve shelves, where books that the professors have specifically reserved for use by their students reside. Those books have a much shorter loan period, so pay attention to the due date on the receipt. The loan period can vary from around three hours to three days, but are nowhere near as long as the typical loan period for normal materials. The circulation desk can also check headphones, laptops, and kindles out to patrons as well. Again, the loan periods for these items vary, so pay close attention to the due date! You wouldn’t want to get a fine, would you?

If you do make a mistake and return something late, and let’s face it, students are only human and it happens, those can be paid off at the circulation desk as well. If you still need a book but the due date is coming up, don’t just hold onto it and accept a fine, though. In most cases, you can renew the book! Books can be renewed at the circulation desk or from your My Library Account. Unfortunately, reserve books, laptops, and group study room keys (available only in the uptown libraries, not at Dewey), cannot, in most cases, be renewed, so keep that in mind.

If you ever need assistance, feel free to ask any of our circulation staff. Most of the time the circulation desk itself is staffed by student assistants, but if they cannot answer your question don’t despair! Dewey has a cadre of professional staff that can help you. Most often during the day you’re likely to encounter Chris Masella, the head of circulation at Dewey, or Morris Stilson, the reserves clerk. In the evenings and on Sundays you’ll see Ryan Gill, the evening clerk, and the Saturday supervisor is me, Alex Hoag. Yes I have a lot of jobs here. All of the staff’s contact information can be found on the Dewey Library’s website []. If you have any questions for the circulation staff feel free to contact any of us with the information found there, or just call the circulation desk at (518) 442-3691.

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