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Finding Criminal Justice Stats

 Are you in need of statistics on crime rates in different New York State counties? Or maybe it’s hate crimes statistics for the past five years that you need. Or perhaps parolee and probationer arrests for the State of New York over the last ten years? Look no further than the website of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice.


On this website, you can also access stats on index crimes by region and by county. Juvenile justice stats for 2009-2012 are broken down by category, including detention admissions, probation intakes, and adjustment rates. The latest monthly and quarterly reports for crime and firearm activity statistics and DNA collection rates, among other things are also available. The site also gives you access to prison population and law enforcement personnel statistics. All statistics are available in a PDF report or a downloadable Excel file.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource or in any sort of criminal justice research in the libraries, contact Richard Irving, Subject Librarian for Criminal Justice at or 442-3695 to make an appointment.

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Photo: Seattle Police Department, Precinct 5, 1921. Item 64776, Miscellaneous Prints (Record Series 9910-01), Seattle Municipal Archives. CC by 4.0. No changes made.

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