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New Grad Student Printing Option!

 You may have heard that the Graduate Student Association (GSA) has opened an o office downtown for printing. With it comes what might be considered the holy grail of graduate life at UAlbany; free printing! Just imagine: you have 300 pages to hand in next class, your printer can’t handle that load, and you don’t have $30.00 to spend to print it out at the library. Now you have an alternative that doesn’t involve traveling all the way uptown.


Be aware, there is only one computer available for printing downtown as opposed to the four uptown, but the convenience of location can’t be overlooked if you spend most of your time here. To sign up for printing make sure you email before 2 pm on Friday with your full name and the last five digits of your SUNY ID number  on the left side of your SUNY ID card and you will be put into the system by Monday. Signing up downtown gets you 350 copies and/or prints every two weeks. The uptown options are 300 prints and 50 copies or 250 prints and 100 copies every two weeks. You can only pick one option so choose wisely.


This bastion of financial freedom is located in Draper hall’s basement in room 009A. You’ll find it if you turn right and go straight after coming down the stairs from the Western Ave. side of the building. It’s a little hard to find, and a little small, but trust me; that’s not a closet, it’s the GSA office.


If you need color prints you’ll still have to come to the library and use our color printer. The cost is 50 cents per page so make sure you get it right the first time! And of course regular printing and photocopying is still available here at 10 cents per page.

If you have any questions about these or other services the GSA offer, check out their website  or email them! If you have any questions about the library’s services, call us at 442-3691, email us, or ask in person at the reference desk. 


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