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 There are a lot of little things about the Dewey Library that people who don’t frequently come here won’t know, so to day we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions at the circulation desk.

Q: What does the * mean in a call number?

A: When a call number has a * (or **, or even ***) in it, this indicates that the item is in our oversized collection. The oversized collections in all three libraries appear at the end of the normal collection and the call number sequence starts over when the oversized collections begin. For example, after the Z section, the oversized collection will start with *A. Fortunately, the oversized collections in each library are small, so finding what you’re looking for should be easy once you’re in the right place!

Q: How do I pay for printing, or, how do I put money on my SUNY Card?

A: The only way to pay for printing in the University Libraries is to use your SUNY Card. You put money on your SUNY Card using cash at a podium machine, located near the circulation desk in every library. If you don’t have cash you can use a card. The back of your card has the address for the website you can use to put money on your card electronically. Don’t have your SUNY Card on you? You can use the podium machine to purchase a reusable card for $1. Be aware that the card costs $1. After purchase, you must put money on this guest card using the same method as the SUNY Card.

Q: Can you make change?

A: Yes! Each circulation desk has a cash register that can make change for you. Just ask! Not every student assistant can do this for you but there is usually someone who can around.

Q: How can I get a book out of storage?

A: The storage facility is in the Science Library uptown, so if you need something from there right away, that should be your first stop. You can request the book at the circulation desk and someone will go down and grab it for you right away. If you would rather not go uptown to get your book you can request it be sent through UA Delivery []. The book will be pulled and sent down to Dewey where it will be put on hold for you to pick up. Just know that this will take a day or two.

Q: Does the library have a fax machine I can use?

A: No. None of the libraries have fax machines for patrons to use. On the uptown campus students can use Rapid Copy in the basement of the old business building to fax things for a small fee, but unfortunately there are no fax machines available on the downtown campus.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions at the circulation desk. The more you know, the less time you have to waste asking questions, and we know how hectic the life of a grad student can be. Oh, and the bathroom is down the hall next to the circulation desk to your left.

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