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What is Scholars Archive?

Open Access month is coming to a close and University at Albany is sending it off with a bang with the launch of our new open access institutional repository, the UAlbany Scholar’s Archive on October 21st! What is an institutional repository? It’s a digital space for the university community to store and make available the various products of scholarship that goes on here. Faculty papers, reports, conference proceedings, monographs, and audio-visual materials can all be included in the Scholar’s Archive. The Archive also makes all of these things easily searchable using Google and other search engines. And because it’s open access, these materials are available for all to use! So check it out on the Libraries’ website.

The SUNY Albany Scholar’s Archive is based on the Bepress Digital Commons platform, an incredibly popular platform for facilitating institutional repositories. Just look at how many other schools already have their own repositories up and running! With the launch of the Scholar’s Archive, SUNY Albany joins the ranks of all these institutions preserving the knowledge generated by the university and making it available to all.

Have any questions? Want to contribute to the Archive? Contact the Archive’s administrator, Lindsay Van Berkom at

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