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Paper Panic? Help Citing Your Sources

 Finals time is coming up and that means final papers are looming on the horizon. I know how horrible these can be, especially when you have a ton of sources to organize, cite, and put in a reference list. But never fear; the Dewey Graduate Library is here to bring tools and tricks that will have you citing like a master in no time!

  • First and foremost, how about a handy list of citation help? Here you can find links to guides, tips, and tools to use when citing your sources
  • Citation Fox (for APA or MLA format): We advertise it everywhere for a reason! Check it out for a quick, interactive source of your major cited reference formats.
  • Purdue Owl is a favorite citation style guide of many students. It goes into deeper detail than almost anything else I’ve found.
  • Microsoft Office has a citation tool as well. Click Insert Citation under the ‘References’ tab and you can build your own citations to store and reuse while writing. You have to enter all of the data itself, so be careful, but it’s a useful thing for organizing. 
  • Zotero: One of the most useful (free!) citation managers out there. Using the Zotero add-on for Firefox you can rip citation information (and a copy of the source itself if it’s available) right off of the internet to store for later use! It works very well in concert with the library databases. Seriously, just download it, you won’t be sorry! Don’t know how to use it? Check out our Zotero LibGuide!
  • Endnote is a higher end citation manager, but it costs money. But SUNY Albany students can use it for free, thanks to the library subscription! Want to know more about it? Check out our blog post from the summer.
  • Official Style Manuals: No online style guide or tool can be a substitute for the official manual. A copy of each style manual we have is available in the reference section of every library.

o   APA: Reference: LB 2369 A62X 2010

o   MLA: Reference: LB 2369 G53 2009

o   Need another style guide? Search it in Minerva

  • The Dewey Library also offers workshops on citation managers! Workshops are also offered uptown in the

Interactive Media Center

Citations can be a pain but these guides and tools should make your job a lot easier. Just remember; no tool is perfect so have a style guide handy and check your references yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (518) 442-3693, email us at, or stop by the reference desk.

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