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Researching the New Congress

With the new year comes a new congress and a whole lot of new senators and representatives. With so many changes it can be difficult to know who’s who or what’s going on, but don’t fear! The Dewey Graduate Library is here to help you keep everything straight in the raging seas of American politics. Today we bring you a list of helpful resources to find all the information you could need on who is and who was a member of the United States Congress.


Barone, M., Ujifusa, G., Matthews, D. (2014). The almanac of American politics (vols. 1974-2014). Washington, D.C.: Barone & Company. University Library/ JK 271 B343

This book provides a detailed look at politics in the united states via profiles about congressional districts. Each volume includes information on the demographics of congressional districts, profiles of congresspeople from each district, and prophiles of each district. The library has multiple volumes of the Almanac so make sure you pick the right one for the years you’re looking for!


Biographical directory of the American congress

This resource lets you search for senators and representatives by name, position, state, party, or year, and provides biographical information as well as resources for further reading.


Congressional Quarterly, inc. (2010). Politics in America. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press. University/Dewey Library/ JK 1010 P64. Also found online.

This book provides information and nonpartisan commentary on members of congress, including profiles, political analysis, biographical data, and much more. The most current edition is found online while older editions are available in the University Library.


Library of Congress

The Library of Congress provides all the congressional information one could ever need, from congressional members to committees to the congressional record itself. The Library of Congress not only gives you access to information on the members themselves, but what they are doing.


Project Vote Smart

You may remember our previous blog on Project Vote Smart. Like many other resources available, this website provides information and analysis of members of congress, including their political positions, votes, and speeches. But not only does Project Vote Smart provide this information on current elected officials, but also compiles information on candidates as well, to voters can be as informed as possible going into an election. Election time may be over now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t familiarize yourself with this wonderful tool for the future!


United States House of Representatives

What better place to get information on the House than from their own website? The House website contains information on representatives, the House leadership, committees, legislative activity, and much more.


United States Senate

The Senate website, similar to the House website, gives information on your senators, committees, legislation, records, and history of the Senate.

Staying informed is one of the most important responsibilities of a citizen and with the resources provided here you have no more excuses! If you have any questions contact Richard Irving at, or contact the reference desk at or (518) 442-3691.

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