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Topics in Social Work: Depression and the Elderly

Depression is a serious matter and it can become even more prominent around the holiday season. Depression can be difficult enough to diagnose and treat in young people, but when it comes to seniors a whole group of other problems pop up. Some might see depression as a natural part of getting older, or the inevitable result of growing bodily infirmities and chronic conditions. The symptoms of depression may even be completely misdiagnosed as something else. It is important to know that depression is not a natural part of getting older and that it can be treated. We must be aware of the issue and know to look for it. Therefore, the Dewey Graduate Library is here to provide informational resources on the issues of depression in elderly.


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Online Resources:

22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging 

Addiction Prevention Guide for Seniors 

Aging and Depression from the American Psychological Association

Art Therapy for Seniors 

Depression is Not a Normal Part of Growing Older from the Centers for Disease Control

Depression Treatment: Therapy, Medication and Lifestyle Changes 

Healthy Aging for Older Adults 

Substance Abuse and Misuse Among Older Adults 

Why You Should Care About Mental Health

According to the CDC, around 80% of older adults live with at least one chronic health condition, and nearly half live with two or more, dramatically increasing the risk of depression. The symptoms of depression may also be misdiagnosed as another problem entirely, leaving many depressed seniors untreated. This is a serious issue and we hope these resources prove helpful.

If you have any questions please contact Elaine Lasda-Bergman at, or contact the reference desk at or (518) 442-3691.

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Web links source: Sarmiento, Patricia. Raising Senior Mental Health Awareness Around the Holidays: 10 Important Resources (e-mail communication, December 10, 2014). 

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