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New in Criminal Justice!

The Dewey Graduate Library just received a useful new tool; The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. This set of reference materials is not only incredibly useful to those in the School of Criminal Justice but has deep ties to the department as well. One of the school’s own professors, Dr. Megan Kurlychek, served as one of the editors and contributors to the Encyclopedia. Numerous former and current PhD students from the SUNY Albany School of Criminal Justice have also contributed to the creation of this work.


The deep ties to our very own institution aren’t the only reason to pick the encyclopedia up. This five volume set contains a wide range of information on numerous criminology and criminal justice topics. Meant as an easy to use reference book, this encyclopedia can act as a gateway to almost any subject in the field. Rather than complex entries intended for experts in the discipline, the articles contained within were deliberately kept accessible to those without in depth criminal justice or criminology backgrounds; The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice eschews jargon in favor of clear and concise language. This simplicity also extends to accessing the articles themselves, as the major subject entries are all arranged in alphabetical order. The articles can also be searched by concept and keyword in the index at the back of the fifth volume. The index can be a little confusing at first, but after figuring it out, finding the articles with the subjects you’re looking for is simple.


Unlike many other criminal justice reference works out there, this encyclopedia includes international issues as well as a focus on the American criminal justice system. This broadened scope can give a perspective that can’t be found elsewhere.


The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice is a powerful tool for any Criminal Justice student, but accessible enough even for those who are not in the field. But it can only help you if you use it, so come down to the Dewey Library and have a look! It can be found in the Reference section on the first floor under the call number HV 6017 E5297 2014. Have any questions? Please stop in to visit or contact the reference desk at or (518) 442-3691.


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