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Research in Social Welfare: Homelessness

  Congratulations to the University at Albany School of Social Welfare for receiving a $100,000 grant from The New York Community Trust. The grant will be used to support the school’s National Center for Excellence in Homelessness. The Center hopes to use the money to create a National Homelessness Social Work Initiative aimed at combining the efforts of social work programs across the country to promote homelessness as a professional priority. In honor of the School of Social Welfare’s success, the Dewey Graduate Library is providing a list of various resources on homelessness available here.
DaCosta Nunez, R. (2013). The poor among us: A history of family poverty and homelessness in New York City. New York, NY: White Tiger Press. Dewey Library / HN 80 N4 D336 2013
Hasket, M., Perlman, S., Cowan, B. A. (2014). Supporting families experiencing homelessness: Current practices and future directions. New York, NY: Springer. Dewey Library / HV 4493 S87 2014
Hombs, M. E. (2011). Modern homelessness: A reference handbook. Santa Barbara, CA: Dewey Library / Reference: HV 4493 H63 2011
Huey, L. (2012). Invisible victims: Homelessness and the growing security gap. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. Dewey Library / HV 4493 H84 2012
Nichols, N. (2014). Youth work: An institutional ethnography of youth homelessness. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. Dewey Library / HV1441.C32 O56 2014\
Ryan, K., Kelly, T. (2012). Almost home: Helping kids move from homelessness to hope. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Dewey Library / HV 4505 R798 2012
Shumsky, N. L. (2012). Homelessness: A documentary and reference guide. Santa Barbra, CA: Greenwood. Dewey Library / Reference: HV 4504 S58 2012
Wagner, D., Gilman, J. B. (2012). Confronting homelessness: Poverty, politics, and the failure of social policy. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. Dewey Library / HV 4505 W233 2012
Social Science Full Text
Social Services Abstracts
Social Work Abstracts
Sociological Abstracts
Online Resources:
Homelessness Resource Center
Social Work Speaks article from NASW on Homelessness
These are just some of the resources available through the Dewey Library. If you have any more questions, please stop in or contact the reference desk by email at or by phone at (518) 442-3691.
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