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Behind the Scenes at Scholar's Archive

UAlbany’s Scholar’s Archive has been going strong since its launch at the end of last October, but do you know what it can really do? The Scholar’s Archive, if you haven’t heard, is UAlbany’s digital institutional repository. That means it is a space for the industrious scholars at the university to deposit their work where it will be freely available online. That’s right, the Scholar’s Archive is an open access database for the university, so anyone can use it. And the Scholar’s Archive doesn’t just accept publications, but presentations, dissertations, research data, and curricular materials.


Though the fledgling Scholars Archive does not have many submissions yet, it is the hope that one day soon it will come to hold the work of every faculty member of the University at Albany, bringing the Univeristy’s research together in one, easily accessible place, rather than having it scattered throughout various academic journals. This will make it a simple matter for students to access the work of their professors or for faculty members to access the work of their peers. Beyond simply providing access to the scholarship generated at UAlbany, the Scholar’s Archive, hosted by Bepress, allows access to all institutional repositories from the same host. This allows users to freely access a huge amount of scholarly material from all over the country.


The Scholar’s Archive doesn’t just provide a host of useful tools for users, but for the authors of the material as well. One of the most important features is that the Scholar’s Archive is optimized for search engine findability. This means that any material within the depository can be searched on the web, such as through Google Scholar, and accessed. Unlike many other databases that might be accessed through Google Scholar, the user will not find any material in the Scholar’s Archive locked behind a paywall. Even better, the Scholar’s Archive provides a monthly usage report to those who have deposited material. This gives the authors information on how often their submissions are accessed and downloaded.


The Scholar’s Archive is a spectacular tool that has been made available to UAlbany faculty and students. If you are a faculty member and wish to submit something to the Archive, please take a look at the submission guidelines . If you have any questions about the Scholar’s Archive, please contact the administrator, Lindsay Van Berkom at


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