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The Dewey Graduate Library knows you’re busy. We also know that most of our users commute. And who couldn’t know that it’s been way too cold this winter?! That’s why we offer services that allow you to stay warm in your own home while still getting answers to your research questions! Ask Us 24/7 and email reference are the perfect tools for getting your school work done while staying warm and dry.


Email reference is just as simple as it sounds. Have a reference question but don’t feel like coming all the way to the library? Email us! These emails are monitored by the university’s very own reference librarians so you know the response you get will be accurate. You can also contact the Dewey reference desk directly at If you’re based on the downtown campus this will give you the best chance of your question being answered by someone who specializes in your subject. Email reference questions are usually answered within a day of their arrival.

Ask Us 24/7  is a different creature entirely. The university has had chat reference for some time now, but last year saw its expansion into a 24/7 service. When the library reference desks are open, the Ask Us chat client is monitored by one of our own reference librarians. When the libraries are closed the chat service is monitored by reference librarians from another library. This gives students access to basic reference help any time they need it, whether the University Libraries are open or not!

The Dewey Graduate Library is committed to providing services in ways as convenient for our users as possible, and with the weather the way it has been, these two services can be a big help for all your basic reference needs. They are not without their limits, however. It is difficult to answer vague or complex research questions via email or chat. Sometimes, if you need a lot of help, you just need to come in and sit with a librarian for a while. But email reference and Ask Us 24/7 are great tools to get you started when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed or coming into the library!

If you have any more questions please stop in or contact the reference desk by email at or by phone at (518) 442-3691.


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