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What's New In Reference?

A new batch of interesting and useful reference books has made its way into the Dewey Graduate Library. The topics include criminal justice, information science for health services, and human services.  

Encyclopedia of Human Services and DiversityCousins, L. H. (Ed.) (2014). Encyclopedia of human services and diversity. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. Dewey Library Reference/ HV 95 E58 2014

For human services providers, diversity is by necessity an important issue, and this work brings together essays and research on many, though not all, aspects of diversity as they relate to human services. Entries are arranged alphabetically but are divided into a number of categories, covering populations, such as racial/ethnic groups, the elderly, the poor, and so on, systems and/or organizations that deal in human services, practices and competencies within the field of human services, and processes and policies related to human services and diversity issues.

Ragonese, E. et. al. (2015). The Routledge guide to working in criminal justice: Employability skills and careers in the criminal justice sector. New York, NY: Routeledge. Dewey Library Reference/ HV 7419 .R346 2015

Are you a criminal justice major? Do you want to seek a job with the criminal justice system in the UK? Then this is a book you should definitely read, because that is exactly what it is about. This book contains information on everything from the structure of the UK criminal justice system, how to make yourself more employable, what kind of jobs are available, to further educational options you might want to consider. Though a reference book, it is most useful if read straight through rather than used to find specific entries like most reference materials. But it can also be used to find information on specific organizations in the UK that you might need more information on. If you dream of taking your criminal justice degree overseas to the UK, this book is a must read. If you just need more information on various aspects of the UK’s criminal justice system, it is still incredibly useful. It’s also a lot smaller and easier to handle than most reference books, which is even better!

Swogger, S., Huber, J. T. (2014). Introduction to reference sources in the health sciences. Chicago, IL: ALA Neal-Schuman. Online Reference/ R 129 .Z999 I65 2014 WWW

This work is a reference book about reference books; it is a meta-reference book, if you will. It is intended for information science students who want to go into medical librarianship. Reference work, while important to all librarians, is particularly important in this field due to the complex nature of medicine. It is therefore imperative for medial librarians to be familiar with all of the reference works at their disposal. Enter this meta-reference text, designed to aid the budding medical librarian in becoming familiar with the various reference books, databases, and other tools in the field. This book also provides information on medical statistics, medical history sources, even grant sources. It is a must read for any librarian interested in health sciences. Or any non-librarians interested in discovering these sources for themselves. Best of all, this book is available online, so it can be accessed from home.

These new reference works are each incredibly useful for their specific fields and now that you know about them, you should come in and use them! If you have any questions or need help using or locating reference resources, please stop in or contact the reference desk by email at or by phone at (518) 442-3691.


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