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Dewey's Award-Winning Staff, Part I

Two of the Dewey Library’s own were recognized recently for their spectacular service to the University at Albany.Lindsay VanBerkomhas won the President’s Excellence Award in Professional Service and ElaineLasda Bergman has won the President’s Excellence Award in Librarianship. Congratulations to both of them for the recognition of their dedication to theLibrariesand theUniversity! 

The President’s Excellence Award in Professional Service recognizes those that not only fulfill the duties of their job but who step beyond those duties to support and improve the university, meets its needs with flexibility and adaptability, and excel in the areas of leadership, decision making, and problem solving.  

The President’s Excellence Award in Librarianship recognizes those who are superior at performing their duties as librarian, as well asa commitment to innovation and adaptability. Recipients of this award also excel at staying current with trends in the field and applying the latest developments to their own position. 

Both awards recognize truly exceptional work in their respective positions and are well deserved. Again, Congratulations, Elaine and Lindsay, you’ve earned it! 

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