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Dewey's Award Winning Staff, Part II

The Dewey Library celebrates another two of our own whose work has been recognized in the form of the Martha Caroline Pritchard Award. The Pritchard Award is given to Information Science students working with library faculty on a project or initiative that leads to an improvement in the services of the University Libraries. This year’s winners of the Prichard Award are Associate Librarian Elaine Lasda Bergman and Reference Associate Alex Hoag.


The award was given in recognition of a project we worked on over the past academic year to improve reference services to our library patrons by conducting a survey to determine our users’ needs. This survey and the resulting data analysis will serve as the basis for making innovative changes in services at the Dewey Graduate Library to better meet the needs of its commuter-based student population.


Ms. Lasda Bergman and Mr. Hoag are especially grateful to both the students who participated in the survey and to the alumni, former staff, and others who have made financial contributions to support the awards and scholarships programs that recognize excellence in the University Libraries faculty and staff.


Blog post created by Alex Hoag & Elaine Lasda Bergman

Photo Credit: Mark Wolfe


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