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New Pride Month Library Display

Come check out our new display! June is LGBT Pride Month and the Dewey Library is celebrating it in style. In honor of the season, Dewey has created this display to promote the LGBT resources we have in the collection. SUNY Albany has many resources for LGBT students, and the libraries are no exception. We have many books on LGBT topics in our collection, as well as journals, databases, and other digital resources. Stop by and take one of the bibliographies sitting on top of the display for a look at what we have available. 


What is Pride Month? The first gay pride parade was held a couple years after the June 28, 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, a riot started at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, in response to repeated harassment and brutality by the police. Spearheaded by trans women of color, but joined by many in the community, gay and straight, the Rebellion served as a turning point in the fight for LGBT rights movement as they let it be known that silence and complacency was no longer an option. In honor of Stonewall, June has been the time when most LGBT pride parades and celebrations have taken place, culminating in its ultimate declaration as Pride Month. Out of a violent past, a month of celebration, visibility, and remembrance of those lost to the struggle for equality was born.  


This display is intended to bring visibility to the LGBT resources the library has, to the issues faced by the LGBT community, and let any who see it know that Dewey is an open, affirming place that supports equality. How could we not, as SUNY Albany is home to famous LGBT alumni such as Harvey Milk and Gregory Maguire? So come out, come out, wherever you are, and see our display! 


Blog post created by Alex Hoag

Photo Credit: Elaine Lasda Bergman



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