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A Fond Farewell to Dick Irving!

Richard Irving, the subject specialist for criminal justice, law, political science, and public administration and policy at the Dewey Graduate Library is retiring at the end of June. Dick has been here, it seems since before Dewey Library before was even called the Dewey Library. Dick first was hired for a part time position in 1979 when the library, then known as the Graduate Library of Public Affairs and Policy, was first opened (a few years later the name was changed to the Dewey Graduate Library). But this was not his first library. After graduating from SUNY Geneseo, he took his first position at the Attica Correctional Facility, right after the deadly riot in 1971. One of the prisoners’ many complaints was a lack of a library program, and when the government finally addressed this issue and hired a librarian, Richard Irving found his first position, making him the very first individual with a Master's in Library Science to be hired at a prison facility. 

Through his many years of librarianship, Richard has found many things to like about being a librarian. Each library is different, he says, but one of the things he is fondest of in academia is the opportunity to think to think critically about complex issues, research, and find solutions, and help others do the same. This environment of encouraging critical thinking is one of the things he’ll miss the most when he’s gone. He says he will also miss his co-workers, and we’ll all miss him as well. But that won’t stop him from enjoying himself once he has retired! Dick is looking forward to having more free time to pursue his other passions, and intends to spend much of that time outdoors and in nature, hiking until he’s too old to do it anymore.

Richard Irving has been here a long time and has had quite an impact on the library, the students, the faculty, and staff. His retirement will leave a big void to fill, but we at the Dewey Library wish him well, and congratulations on his retirement!

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