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Welcome, Cathy Dwyer!

Say hello to Cathy Dwyer! She came to us from the Main Library uptown after Dick Irving’s retirement. Cathy began working for the SUNY Albany libraries in 1989 where she was hired to oversee the library’s Federal Depository, which stores documents from the Federal Government. The Depository also handles documents from New York State, the United Nations, and the European Union. In 2014 the  Depository stopped receiving most of its physical documents and has transitioned mainly to an electronic database accessible through the library catalog. 


In 2008 she became Head of Reference for the Main and Science Libraries and began to oversee all of the services that they offered, including the  Ask Us 24/7 our chat reference service. Cathy's move to Dewey has afforded her the opportunity to focus more on collection development as she takes over Dick’s subjects; criminal justice, law, public policy and administration, and political science, while continuing to oversee the depository program. 


Cathy began working in libraries in 1986, where she took a position overseeing the Federal depository of the Troy Public Library. While speaking to her she told me that the move down to Dewey, with its stained glass windows and the mural that circles the whole main room, makes her feel like she has come full circle, starting in one beautiful library and now moving into another. 


So welcome to Dewey, Cathy!  


Blog post and photo created by Alex Hoag 


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