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Scholars Archive Makes Your Research Available

If you haven’t submitted to Scholars Archive yet, now is a great time! With a growing selection of submissions, over 4000 items downloaded this year alone, and a variety of tools and reports to explore, Scholars Archive – the University’s Institutional Repository – represents not only a great opportunity to contribute to an open-source resource and view the scholarly output of other members of the UAlbany community, but also to gain valuable information about the ways your work is being discovered and used online.


As an author, you will have access to a number of reports built into the Archive’s BePress Digital Commons platform after submission. Log in to the Author Dashboard, and you will be able to track how many times your works have been downloaded in real time for example, as well as what search terms were used to find your work. You can also see an interactive map showing the geographic locations of your downloads (see the global impact the Archive is already achieving right from the homepage!) and if you include your email address when you submit your work, you will also receive monthly updates straight to your inbox.


Ready to get started? Check out the Policies and Guidelines section to learn how to make a submission – or contact Scholars Archive administrator Lindsay Van Berkom for more information and assistance at


Blog post and image created by: Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler


Blog post and image created by: Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler


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