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Meet your Subject Specialist: Criminal Justice

 1. What kind of background do you have in criminal justice?

While I am new to the Dewey Library, I have 20+ years’ experience working with government information in the University Library. The U.S. government is a prolific publisher and there is a wealth of criminal justice information both in our physical collections and online.

2. What is the role of a subject librarian?  How do you view your role as liaison to this school/department on campus?  
Liaison is the perfect word. The Oxford Online Dictionary says that a liaison “facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.” My role is to facilitate the relationship between students and faculty and the libraries.  I can help with research and assist with navigating library resources. Speeding up this process will leave you more time for the other aspects of your assignments and projects.
3. What factors do you take into account when adding books and resources to the criminal justice collection?
I consider the School’s curriculum and the research areas of the faculty and students.  Since SCJ has students as all levels of study, I also take that into consideration.  A final consideration is new/cutting edge research that may become of interest as time goes by.
4. What are some of your favorite Criminal Justice resources?  
Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full-Text is the ultimate criminal justice resource.  This full-text database covers a wide range of criminal justice topics and has more than 400,000 records.
A government resource you have to love is the FBI Vault!  This Freedom of Information scanned collection contains files on Marilyn Monroe, Ray Bradbury, Truman Capote, and also some for organizations like: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the Black Panther Party.  It is a very interesting collection to look through.  And these are PRIMARY SOURCES!
5. What advice would you give someone using our library to research in this subject?
Contact me!  I can help you navigate the databases and other resources the library has available.  I have office hours from 5-8 on Mondays and I am available for appointments ( or 518-442-3698).

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