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Welcome, Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler!

 The Dewey Graduate Library welcomed a new member to our team over the summer and we are excited to introduce her today. Her name is Rebekah Jarvis-Girtlerand she started working here on August 4th 


Rebekah received her Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Florida StateUniversityand a Bachelors of Arts inFine Arts at Alfred University. Like many of us in the library business, her first library job was as a student assistant in her college library; specifically the Herrick Library at Alfred University. Her first job as a librarian wasrunningtheDiver Library, a small public library in Schaghticoke, NY as one of its only employees, supervising one clerk and a host of volunteers. Now, she splits her time between Dewey and the William K Sanford Town Library in Colonie, where she works as an adult services librarian.  


One of the things Rebekah is looking forward to while working here is getting to know the SUNY Albany community, which is different from any of the other environments she has worked at before. She is also excited to be working with students and looks forward to the opportunity to teach and do outreach for the library. Her responsibilities here are not very different from those she has at her other job, she says. Both libraries are going through a period ofchange, and both libraries have her doing teaching and outreach. One of the biggest differences is the populations she works with. Here, she works primarily with students, whereas in Colonie she mostly works with seniors. And of course, nothing beats the beauty of the Dewey Library, and she especially enjoys our gorgeous stained glass windows. 


In her free time, in keeping with her fine arts degree, she likes to pursue many artistic activities. Her desk is decorated with manyamigurumi, adorable little Japanese styled crocheted stuffed toys. She also oil paints and does sound art, which can be found on her own website. We at the library are hoping she is able to employ these artistic skills to her projects here as well. The rest of us try our best but we’re no artists! 


So welcome, Rebekah! Her contact information and a brief bio can be found on our website or you can stop by the reference desk to say hi! As always, if you have any questions about the library or its services, contact the reference desk by email at, or by phone at (518) 442-3691. 


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