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Meet the Dewey Staff: Chris Masella!

The third entry in this series is an interview with ChrisMasella, Head of Circulation at the Dewey Library. He’s been here a long time and knows just how everything works. 


1.How long have you been working at the Dewey Library?  


I have been a clerk at Dewey Graduate Library since June 1997.  I have been Circulation Supervisor here since May 2004. 


 2.What are your responsibilities here at Dewey?  


I hire, train and supervise the Student Assistant staff here.  I supervise two office clerks.  We are collectively responsible for Delivery Services involving Dewey, as well as items we circulate, including Reserve Items.  Due to the limited size of our Circulation Staff, I have become responsible for the shipping of many thousands of items to both the Main University Library, and the Storage Facility at the Science Library, since becoming supervisor. I also processed thousands of timesheets during that period.


 3.What job did you have prior to being hired here?  


 I had some wonderful experiences in the Albany economy between the time I earned my degree at UAlbany and then became a University employee. 


I worked at Qualters’ Pine Hills Restaurant, Mahar’s Public Bar, and Dove & Hudson Old Books – all tops in their respective fields. 

 4. What do you enjoy most about working here? 


The greatest joy is getting to meet and work with students from around the world who come to the Downtown Campus to study.  It is also fun to interact with faculty members who are lovers of libraries, as am I.  If you love books, and learning, librariesare among the best of places to be. 



5. Do you have any advice for library users? 


Libraries contain much material in print form (books and journals) and other forms, which are not available online.  Visit the library.  Make it one among your other habitats.  Don’t be shy about asking for research advice from a Reference Librarian.  If you don’t ask, you may be shortchanging yourself. From them, you mayobtainkeys to worlds of information yet unknown to you.  And lastly, for those lovers of the liberal arts and humanities, and for others, there are many career opportunities in libraries.  This should be considered an option, at least, among many others. 


Want to get to know our circulation staff even better? Call the circulation desk at (518)442-3693 or stop by the desk the next time you’re on campus! 

Blog post by Alex Hoag 

Pictures by Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler


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