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Topics in Public Policy: Migrants and Refugees

As you may have heard or read in the news, recent events and conditions in the Middle East – particularly in Syria – have led to a mass exodus of people from that country and surrounding areas into the EU. As the influx of migrants continues, governments throughout the affected areas – from the Middle East and on through Europe – are debating and enacting political, military, and legal responses to this challenge. From policies and practices that seek to keep the migrants out entirely, to those that welcome them – and everything in between – there are a huge variety of responses to this complex challenge.


Working on a project on this topic or the related subjects of immigration or refugees? The library has a variety of online resources that you may find helpful. Take Statista, for example. This statistics-oriented database contains an array of data sets, charts, and infographics oriented around the topic of the EU migrant crisis and other related topics, including a map of which countries are meeting Europe's migrant quota. Another useful resource on this topic is the International Migration Outlook 2015 report available through the OECD iLibrary. Finally, full text of the journal The International Migration Review is also available in several databases, with coverage from 1966 to present, for both a historic look at past issues of migration and current scholarly information on the topic.


Additional resources are freely available on the web. Check out the UN News Centre for news from the UN on various topics related to the EU migrant crisis and beyond. Specific policies of the EU concerning migrants, borders, human trafficking, and more are available via the DG Migration and Home Affairs policy portfolio.


Need more recommendations? Drop in for a visit with your Public Policy Subject Librarian, Cathy Dwyer during her office hours at Dewey on Mondays from 6-8pm, or get in touch via email or by calling (518) 442-3698.



Blog created by: Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler
Image credit: United Nations, In Focus: Migration and Refugees

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