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Meet the Dewey Staff: Alex Hoag

Like all of our student workers, Graduate Assistant Alex Hoag is a valuable member of the Dewey Library team! From working the desk and writing blogs, to producing awesome displays and much more, Alex has contributed her talents in a variety of ways over the years. I recently had a chance to interview her about her experience at the University Libraries - here's what she had to say.

1. How long have you been working at the Dewey Library?

"I've worked for the Dewey Library in one capacity or another since I started grad school in the Fall of 2013, so about two and a half years. I've also worked at the Science Library throughout my Undergrad at SUNY and Main for a semester as a graduate assistant. So I've been working for the libraries for a grand total of 7 years at this point!"

2. What kind of projects have you done as a Graduate Assistant?

"When I first started at Dewey I was the Saturday Supervisor, so I opened, supervised, and closed the place every Saturday. Since getting my position as the reference GA I've staffed the reference desk, written blogs for the library, made slides for our slideshow, and crafted the displays next to the Circ desk. As for larger projects I've assisted in a downtown campus-wide survey of student library use, created a training manual for student assistants, put together a list of books for the library to order, and currently I'm working on editing a library guide for my boss, so I've been pretty busy."

3. What do you enjoy most about your job here?

"I enjoy the opportunity to tailor many of the tasks assigned to me to my own interests. I have a passion for LGBT advocacy and as a librarian in training I've been given several opportunities to sharpen my research and presentation skills in that area."

4. What are you planning for your career after you complete your degree?

"Well, currently I'm interning at the Washington Ave branch of Albany Public Library and I've enjoyed it so much that I'm hoping they'll pay me to stay. I never thought I'd be interested in public libraries but my experience during my internship made me realize how much fun it could be. In the right setting and with the right support, going to work (even if it's for free) can feel like play time, and the satisfaction of helping people in need just adds to that satisfaction."

5. Do you have any advice for other students interested in working as a Graduate Assistant at Dewey?

"The position of Reference Associate is a great opportunity, so if you're lucky enough to get it, don't waste it. Work hard, be dedicated, and try to connect it to your own interests in the program. Being a librarian isn't all fun and games and sometimes it can wear on you, but if you can connect what you're doing to something you're passionate about, like I did, you can turn a rewarding experience into an extremely fulfilling one as well. If you can be excited about what you're doing it doesn't even feel like work."

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