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Topics in Information Studies: Digital Archives

What are Digital Archives?

In the context of the digital and technological realm, a digital archive could actually mean a number of different things! Of particular note to historians, researchers, and librarians though, is the type of digital archive that has sprung up around traditional, historical archives. These digital repositories - often publicly accessible on the web - are populated with materials from a physical collection that have been scanned, photographed, or otherwise digitally preserved, so that they can be accessed via computer.

Examples of Digital Archives

From various U.S. states, to organizations and businesses, to the Federal government, to colleges and universities such as UAlbany, digital archives allow entities to vastly extend the reach of their collections and records, and get even the most fragile materials into the hands of people who want to use them. Some great examples of Digital Archives are:

Learning More about Digital Preservation and Archives

If you're interested in the process of digitizing physical collections, the growth of the Digital Archive as a format and access point, or other topics relating to digital libraries/archives and historical records, the Dewey Library has a variety of resources to assist you, including these databases:

Related Books Available at Dewey and Online

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