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Use Intersession to Submit to Scholars Archive

The end of the semester nears, and while students and faculty are scrambling to finish their work, relief is just around the corner. Soon, students will be free from the rigors of their coursework and professors will hopefully be temporarily liberated from grading. Without the responsibilities of the semester, faculty members may have a little more room to breathe and to focus on their own research.  The temporary respite provided by intersession provides the perfect opportunity to submit your research to the University at Albany Scholars Archive! 



What is Scholars Archive? It is an open access repository for UAlbany faculty, researchers, and students to preserve their work and make it available to the public. Content in the Scholars Archive is searchable by search engines like Google and helps track the use and influence of your work through altmetrics. There’s no reason not to submit. 



What other services does Scholars Archive provide?  We offer training and support for metadata and digital content creation,  help with the submission process, updates on changes and new features to the Digital Commons platform, and evaluation of your submissions to ensure compliance with copyright requirements.


If you are interested in submitting or just want more information about the Scholars Archive, contact Lindsay Van Berkom at (518) 442-3517 or email her at 



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