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You Made it! Now What?

Congratulations on completing your degree! Now that you're a newly minted MSW graduate, you've probably got a number of things on your mind. Licensure, job hunting, research - oh my! As you tackle your to do list and launch your career, here's a series of resources/links you might find helpful.

New York State Licensure Info

Ready to get licensed in New York State? Check out licensure requirements and find applications online at the NYS Social Work website. Be sure to check out the section on new Continuing Education requirements while you are there!

Explore Opportunities for Professional Development

Speaking of Continuing Education, check out the Professional Development Organizations on the Internet guide to see a list of organizations which provide access to networking and training to help you rack up those important CE credits and build your career.

Continuing Social Welfare Research after Graduation

As you move ahead with your career, you are very likely to find that the research skills you gained as a student here will serve you well - staying on top of developments in your field and finding resources to inform your work are vital to your success! From advanced web searching, to resources that will continue to be available to you as a UAlbany alum, to state and national resources - there are a plethora of opportunities to explore, covered in depth in the video Social Work Research After Graduation.

Keep in Mind...

Even after graduation, Dewey Library remains accessible and at your service! Alumni privileges are available, and remember that your Subject Librarian Elaine Lasda Bergman will be happy to assist you with any social welfare research related questions! Elaine can be reach via email at or via phone at (518) 442-3695.

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