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Four Ways to Start the Semester Off Right with the Library

Annnnd - you're off! The semester has officially begun. How can you get the most out of the library this time around? Here are four tips designed to launch you into a successful semester, with the library as your springboard!

1 - Take a tour. You may have been using the library for a while now, but do you really know all the nooks and crannies? Did you know about our scanning stations, for example? Or how about our group study room? Take one of our brief tours to find out all the great services and resources we have available so you’re prepped and ready for the semester ahead!

2 - Scope out our class schedule. Our roster of classes at the library are back and better than ever! Based on your input, we’ve expanded our offerings. From help with citation managers, to sessions on resources highly specific to YOUR major and interests – check out the schedule and get signed up now for one or more helpful classes before the semester gets into full swing!

3 - Get your nagging citation questions out of the way. If you’ve been working with an unfamiliar citation style in your degree program so far, or just want to make sure you’re doing it right, stop by the desk during reference hours early on this semester! We can show you some great resources to help guide your efforts.

4 - Check in with your subject librarian. We know your time is crazy-jam-packed, especially as the semester gets into full swing! So we’ve created an easy path for you to get expert guidance from a librarian who knows your subject area from top to bottom - drop in to office hours early on in the semester to meet and greet with your librarian – and to discuss the kind of assistance they can provide you as projects start coming due!

Bonus tip! Time short already? Need an extra quick rundown of our services and resources? Stop by the front desk for a Graduate Student Survival Guide brochure - it has all the info you need at a glance about hours, services, subject librarians and more - or shoot us your questions via email!

Blog Created By: Rebekah Jarvis Girtler

Image Credit: Mark Schmidt

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